My name is Pasquale Paola and I love my girlfriend Monica and the Information Technology. I am a developer, an architect, a designer, along my life a lot of titles was assigned to me, I don’t know what is the main title, but I know that I love new tecnoglies and software in every shape (I know it’s very boring :-D). My main activity is Software Architecture and Skeleton Design based on cloud or on-premise. I don’t have a preferred tecnologies.

I read a lot to get a deep understanding. In the last years I’m working on modern environments based on cloud, containers and a lot of automation.

This is a blog where I want share my experiences in my work, but also in my life (a dev life :-D)…ok this is my main passion but I have a lot of passions :-D :-D :-D


I love…


This sport changed my life improving also my work yield, then I love runnig: I solved many IT problems during my running session, I think it helps to move your brain :-D

And at least but not last I love dancing Salsaaaaaa like in the picture


Sport helps me to cut off from every problems in my work. The main goal of every worker, in IT context, it’s problem solving. If you help your mind with sports and entertainments, a lot of this problems will be solved, sure.